Hello again,


Thank you so much for your interest in my work, I'm so happy to share the love of nature with you and if you order something, I'll get it in the post ASAP! We've put together a small selection of prints to purchase, the prints are all lovingly hand-gilded here in the studio, ready to shine in your home, office or as a gift for a loved one.


You'll notice the different pricing, this is to do with how long it takes to gild and how much of the gold-leaf is used. The sizes range from A6 - A3, and some framing is available for pick-up from the studio.


Gift wrapping is my pleasure to add, just add a note.


Payment options are being worked on, for now, we have PayPal ready to go, alternatively you can opt for a direct bank transfer, details will be sent after the order is processed (eventually we hope to add other online options!), also card payment at the studio door is available, thanks to the faithful 'tap-and-go' Eftpos machine.


Until the world is ready for hand-made markets again, I am so deeply grateful we can connect here, in a peaceful place, safe and grateful for the birds, animals and flowers that bring hope and joy to us all xx Vanessa