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The Nature of Paint

Doctoral thesis in words & images

The following paintings represent one of the outcomes of my PhD research on natural art materials. For the creative component, which aims to represent the heavy research as a unique 'visual outcome', I adapted paint recipes that I found in the historic archives and created artworks that highlight each ingredient by using that very same ingredient.

With each artwork was an accompanying apothecary glass jar containing a sample of the ingredient.

For the PhD I created one hundred of these for the exhibition.

However due to Covid restrictions, the show never opened to the public. Here is a sampling of the works.


The paintings are an example of an ongoing project to be more sustainable in the twenty-first century art studio, to learn more about the ingredients we use, what secrets nature has to offer, with the aim to foster an ethos that aligns with global eco-trends in other industries.

strict copyright on the text and images

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