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Australian Floriography

*the language of flowers

For this series, (an ongoing project) I have been captivated by the many global traditions of Floriography which is the sharing of coded messages through plants. with extensive research, the floriography I have attached to the flowers is a personal interpretation of many different cultural meanings, globally assigned to each flower. For the Australian native flowers, as there is no definitive floriography yet,  I have researched them individually and where there is open-knowledge Indigenous significance I have been influenced by that but also the history of the naming of these plants. I, respectfully, do not claim to be a botanist, I'm learning and exploring as I go.

Here, I are six of the original paintings using paints hand-made with all natural materials from plants, rock minerals and historic pigments. I have gathered paint recipes from all over the world from a time when only natural ingredients were available for artists to use. I am working on Bagasse paper which is made from sugarcane pulp, being more sustainable than using trees. And to make it just that little bit special and unique, each painting contains a paint made from the plant depicted in the image.

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