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Wallabies in the Grass

This one is inspired by the wallabies that visit the studio every day (there is some lush green grass) and it's so wonderful to observe the close bonds between mother and baby. First as the little head pokes out from the pouch, leaning over to eat the grass, then she hops out and bounds about enjoying her new freedom before scampering back into the pouch.

But another story behind this picture is that

Unfortunately there is less than 10% of natural grassland left in southeastern Australia and many native animals have been impacted. However as more research is done, people are taking action to re-plant native grasses, which are so varied & beautiful, but importantly provide food and habitat for animals but also birds and insects too.

This hand-gilded print is a celebration of the wonderful Aussie animals that co-exist with us in nature and it has a dose of gratitude for all the dedicated folks who work hard to keep our wild places thriving.

Wallabies in the Grass


Size A6

Open Edition Print

Hand Applied Gold Leaf Metals

Signed & Dated

Sustainably Made in Australia

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