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Tree & Person

This artwork celebrates the gift that is trees for us humans and it is scientifically proven that being near a tree lifts a person's mood. They're an intrinsic part of our shared landscape (beauty/ joy) and integral to the health of the planet (future/kids). There are so many species and varieties, a truly inspiring expression of nature's creativity while also providing so much for so many (food/paper et al).

And even though it can be soooo depressing thinking about old forests needlessly being cleared, there is hope too e.g the sustainably grown and made CLT (cross laminated timber) is a genuine solution for beautiful and accessible housing and public buildings in the future.

This hand-gilded print can be a little dose of leafy joy for you with the added hope knowing that trees are still there for us every day and will be great contributors for sustainable living moving forward.

Tree & Person


Size A6

Open Edition Print

Hand Applied Gold Leaf Metals

Signed & Dated

Sustainably Made in Australia

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