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Parrot [framed] 2024

A bespoke, original artwork. [NOTE: For Pick-Up Only*]


A parrot for joy! The artwork was inspired by the botanical images (often anonymous) of the 1800s, from a time when nature was full and abundant. People were becoming more aware and empathetic towards individual species and noticing the awesome diversity of flora and fauna around the world, however since then we have seen a decline in this abundance as the industrial revolution took effect. This was also a time of big change in the artworld as new chemical pigments were being introduced to the artist palette, replacing the 'old' natural pigments.


In this painting a diverse apothecary of pigments has been used, both the old colour and the new ones that replaced them such as madder root with alizarin, Iberian ochre with Naples yellow, Lapis Lazuli with French Ultramarine, Green earth with Emerald green and Australian Black Manganese with Coal tar black. The Dutch gold leaf (copper/zinc/aluminium) has been added using the traditional method of hand-gilding on paper. 


The work has been created using the historic painting medium known as tempera which was used by many important artists such as De Vinci however the method was lost when chemical pigments and tubed paint became available. Tempera has always been recognised as one of the most perfect mediums for capturing the purity of colour in pigments, and is renowned for its longevity, some saying that it improves with time – the colours becoming more vibrant.


760x560mm  | Eco Certified Archival Paper made in Italy

Ready-made frame created sustainably in Australia with Tassie Oak, glass fronted

Available for viewing/purchase at Honest Paper, Newcastle.

*For pick-up at Honest Paper only*

Parrot [framed] 2024


100% Australian Made

The frame is made in Queensland by a renowned family run business, using natural timber grown sustainably in Australia.

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