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New Life XII

'Circle of Love' 2024

Adoring the circle of nature that surrounds and inspires us.

Authentic materials, historically accurate methods, natural paint and archival paper.

Genuine earth pigments sourced from Australia, Italy, England, USA, Germany, Spain, Iberia, Greece, Armenia, France, Israel and Morocco.


This work has been created to showcase the wonderful array of genuine ochre pigments from around the world. Ochre is a natural pigment used by artists throughout human history from pre-antiquity to now. Technically it is a natural clay earth pigment, a mixture of ferric oxide and varying amounts of clay and sand. Depending on the binding medium (the 'glue' that attaches the pigment to the surface) artists used ochre for body painting, on paper and on canvas. In this work, I have used genuine natural tree gum from acacia trees, known as gum arabica, this has been used for centuries as a binding medium for watercolours. It dries to a clear crystalline form thus accentuating the pigment colour.


In the spirit of 'all is connected', these ochres are sourced from layers of earth below the surface of different landscapes, the similarity and beauty of the materials is a connection, a meeting point laid out in this artwork, symbolic of love and protection.


*Also for the blue wren a special addition of genuine Lapis Lazuli and Azurite pigments.

Hand-applied fine Dutch gold leaf (copper:zinc:aluminium) in the traditional method.

New Life XII


760mm x 560mm

300gsm Eco Certified Archival Paper made by Fabriano in Italy

*Vegan friendly paper and paints

Genuine top-quality 100% natural earth pigments

Dutch gold leaf made in traditional way with copper, zinc, aluminium

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