Floriography: the language of plants

Here, I have created original paintings using paints hand-made with all natural materials from plants, rock minerals and historic pigments. I have gathered paint recipes from all over the world from a time when only natural ingredients were available to artists to use. I am working on Bagasse paper which is made from sugarcane pulp being more sustainable than using trees. And to make it just that little bit special and unique, each painting contains a paint made from the plant depicted in the image. As this is a new series to the Apothecary Artist studio, I am starting small with the A6 size and have plans for larger works and ones more vibrant, having said that, I am loving the softer nuances of the natural colours and textures. Each one is framed in sustainable Tasmanian Oak, hand made in Australia.


I have been equally captivated by the many traditions of Floriography which entails sending messages with plants which in a painting can be a really lovely way of having a long lasting memento of love. Importantly, I am also aware that our beautiful nature is being compromised by accelerated climate change and we must all do what we can to contribute to the reversal of the effects. In the recent one hundred years, artists increasingly used synthetic or highly toxic materials in their paints and there is a lot of non-recyclable packaging involved. This realisation was the start of my adventure to discover the many secrets of making natural colour. This is only the beginning - just as there are millions of beautiful flowers in the world there are equal possibilities for making natural paints.