Happy A6

Happy; free in the moment

This design is inspired by the amazing birds of Australia, every size and colour, every shape and sound they are magnificent. Since coming to Australia I have lived in a few different places, mountains, bush, city and seaside and I am awed by the variety and personalities of our birdlife. Most recently I have been living in suburban Newcastle and a few months ago about a thousand cockatoos moved into the area, flying over in huge flocks, laughing, singing, yelling or just chatting amongst themselves. Apparently they were following the grain trains that were coming into town. They were here for a couple of weeks and then they left...moving on like a circus to the next place.

This artwork is especially perfect for bird lovers and those that get a laugh out of the amazingness of nature.

I love the A6 size, its just perfect as a small gift, they are precious enough to frame but also sit quite comfortably on the fridge or live as a bookmark. They are especially good for desks and tiny houses.

Available in gold, rosegold or mixed metals.

Happy A6

  • A6 [148 x 105mm]

  • Artwork size: Portrait A6 [148 x 105mm]
    -original botanical ink drawing ©vanessa_lewis
    -hand-printed by local master craftsman
    -Limited Edition Print. 
    -Signed and numbered
    -Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)
    -Please contact if you would like framing in oak