Artist Pigment Powders
Top quality artist pigment powders for art and craft activities, make your own pigment rich paint or just add some to your favourite paint for a boost in colour intensity. This is a great way to get to know your colours more.Note: because the powders are so fine, they are ‘technically’ a dust hazard, I hope you will research them to know which are best suited to your needs and environment. When I work with them, while wearing a dust mask, I transfer the powders into glass jars and sometimes soak them in distilled water or Turps to make a paste, it's then much easier to use later with Gum Arabica, tempera or oils. I love arriving in the studio to be greeted by all the colours in glass jars, they all seem to be singing out 'pick me, pick me', from there the creativity just flows.

Artist Pigment Powders

  • Choose between 250g & 500g

    *the pigements are triple packed in cellophane bags, making it easier to post (no glass jars).

    *the sample pack has all of the listed pigments plus a couple of suprise extra special sample colours