Grevillea: Abundance

In the traditional language of flowers (Floriography), flowers are given symbolic meanings in a way that a bouquet of flowers could be a whole message for the reciever to de-code. Many cultures have this beautiful connection to flowers and a chrysanthemum can mean love in one cuture whilst mourning in another. As such the amazing flowers of the Australian landscape are as yet open to interpretation.


For Series 2, Vanessa has researched native flowers and matched them with the traditional floriography based on elements such as seasonality, colour and 'design'.

For this Grevillea, the floriography is Abundance, because the bees just love the sweet, dripping nectar in spring.


Original painting with touches of Dutch gold leaf

A5 frame with mat border

A6 hand-gilded fine art print

10% to Bush Heritage Australia

*Postage includes tracking number

Grevillea: Abundance