Gentle Trees

Trees, the life and breath of the planet

This design is inspired by the legends and mythology of the tree of life. Every culture has a beautiful story of a great tree that represents love, new growth, wisdom, the presence of spirit and the glory of life. I find people choose this artwork as a symbol of long happy life but also when experiencing a chapter of change, evolution, new beginnings and it is often gifted as a wedding present. The gold that runs along the trunk and branches represent the life that is in all nature but mostly because when I study a tree or better, hug a tree I am filled with a joy that is hard to describe. This artwork is perfect for those who love trees and the gift of an ever growing life.

Gentle Trees

  • A5 [148 x 210mm]

  • Limited Edition Print

    signed and numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10% to Bush Heritage Australia