Seahorses A6

Seahorse sunshine.

This design is inspired by the small unique seahorse. I can only imagine the day when the first scientist saw this tiny creature and thought 'oh, that looks like a little horse swimming in the ocean'! Well, we are so blessed to have them in the world, and there is still so much more to learn about them. I love the shape and design of the seahorse, I love that the male does most of the work with the babies but mostly I love the gentle way they exist and co-habit with all the other sea creatures, bringing beauty and graciousness to the underwater world. This artwork is especially perfect for a new addition to the family but also those who resonate with being a little unique in a big world

Seahorses A6

  • A6 [148 x 105mm]

  • Limited Edition Print

    signed and numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10%  to Bush Heritage Australia