Reach for the Stars

Together we can reach for the stars

This design is inspired by the beautiful, long and lovely giraffe. As a child growing up in Africa, we had the opportunity to visit a safari park in which the animals ran free. Driving into the park, in a bus, a mother giraffe and her baby came along side as if to say hello. It was such an amazing experience, to be that close but also to know that she had the whole park to run but chose to venture close, curious and welcoming. The giraffe symbolises the ability to reach for the stars, see far and wide, enjoy the sweet leaves at the top of the tree but also a strength that comes from graciousness and just being yourself. This artwork is especially perfect for the gentle and life loving family and those individuals who love to run free, reach for the stars and share the abundance of life.

Reach for the Stars

  • A5 [148 x 210mm]

  • Limited Edition Print

    signed and numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10% to Bush Heritage Australia