Bee A6 A5

This little bee has a hand-drawn wreath to which I have added the gold leaf. Traditionally wreaths were placed on the heads of heroes, so I wanted to acknowledge the amazing work the bees do. They are one of the important pollinators that help our food plants and all of nature to keep making life beautiful. The bee is special in many cultures as they represent community and the sweetness in life. And I especially love the bee because they are an exquisite reminder that its the little things that count.


This artwork is especially perfect for bee keepers, gardeners, honey lovers and those queen bees out there who make sure everything is beautiful and sweet. I love the A6 size, its just perfect as a small gift, they are precious enough to frame but also sit quite comfortably on the fridge or live as a bookmark. They are especially good for desks and tiny houses.

Bee A6 A5

  • A6 [148 x 105mm]

    A5 [148 x 210mm]

  • Limited Edition Print. signed & numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10% to Bush Heritage Australia