Wolf Wayfarer

Trust your instincts - be your best self

This design is inspired by the wonderful wolf. In the early days of Apothecary Artist I was asked many times for a wolf and at the time my eyes were only for Australian animals and conservation so I didn't think I was the right person to do an apex predator. But as time went on and I noticed that all the 'wolf' people had a deep knowing about them, I began to research the wolf. Not only did I fall in love with this amazingly beautiful creature but I also came to see the value of all creatures in balance as seen in the Yellow Stone re-introduction of the wolves. amazing. So, beautiful wolf people this one is for you, in gratitude. xx The wolf symbolises strength of spirit, in a pack but also going solo.


This artwork is especially perfect for all of us because together we become better people and can take care of the whole world! Every time I look into his/her eyes I am inspired to be a stronger, wiser person :)

Wolf Wayfarer

  • A5 [148 x 210mm]

  • Limited Edition Print

    Signed and numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10%  to Bush Heritage Australia