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A5 Sunflowers

The Sunflower

Floriography: Homage and Devotion, 'My eyes see only you', Symbol of the Sun, Everlasting love, Ambition, Constancy, Healing, Inspiration, Loyalty, Nourishment, Strength.


Originating from the Americas and associated with the sun and gold, the sunflower seeds were a sacred food of many indigenous people. This glorious flower first came to the attention of European explorers in the early 16th Century and was made famous in art by Van Gogh in the late 1800s where it is said that he intended the flowers to represent gratitude.


Gardening folklore claims that growing sunflowers brings goodluck and some believe that if you cut the sunflower stalk at sunset while making a wish, the wish will come true before sunset the next day - let's give it a go!


There are so many varieties of this wonderful flower, yet here I have painted the 'classic', the bunch that was given to me by a dear friend. The orignal painting has sold, it was created with all natural paints and included pigments ground with calcined sunflower seeds, which I used in the centre of the flowers. I loved the work and the flowers so much that we created a small open edition print to share the love. I hope these flowers bring joy and a golden gratitude into your daily life xx


Each print is signed and dated.


A5: 210 x 148mm

(packaged in a cello sleeve with a backing board and the Artist sticker in the top left hand corner. 

A5 Sunflowers

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