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A4 Protea Wreath

New to the Apothecary Artist range, a series of prints featuring painted flowers. These are Open Edition prints, signed by the artist in the right hand corner with the year of issue. Printed in Sydney, on beautiful heavy paper.


For many people the beloved protea flower has strong resonance with a feeling of home, sovereignty and pride. Often thought to be native to Australia, it is in fact native to South Africa yet is a member of the broader Proteaceae family which includes Banksia, Grevillea and the Waratah. The artist chose to create a 'home wreath' with this flower because at the end of the day all these flowers were once native to Gondwana, the landmass that once incorporated both Africa and Australia thus symbolising that we are all connected as family, all unique and special. 


A5: 210 x 148mm
A4: 210 x 297mm

Packaged in a cello sleeve with a backing board with the Artist sticker in the top left hand corner. 

A4 Protea Wreath

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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