Happy in Nature

Enjoying the flow of life

This design is inspired by the harmony of life, everything in perfect balance. The natural world (including humans) is amazing how it all works together and on a good day every tree and creature is happy with life. I created this artwork at a time when I was dealing with some big challenges and I found great comfort in being around the beauty of nature and the peace of knowing that there is a circle of life - after the storm there is sunshine, after the rain there is growth. This artwork is perfect for the home, for those experiencing gratitude, peace and love, in the knowing that everything in life is connected and joy is found in all the moments. 

Happy in Nature

  • A3 [297 x 420mm]

  • Limited Edition Print

    signed and numbered

    Hand-Applied Gold Leaf Metals (85%copper/15%zinc)

    10% to Bush Heritage Australia