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Black + Gold Prints

Hand-applied gold leaf metals

gold leaf gilding kits

This series was created whilst doing my Phd. Over a thousand prints were created, all inspired by the preciousness of nature and many by special events in my life at the time.   From original pen-and-ink drawings I developed the range of Limited edition Vercotype prints. This is a vintage method done by a local Master printer on a crisp white, eco-certified paper. Once returning to the studio, I hand-apply gold leaf metals (a mix of copper, aluminium and zinc) using a time-honoured technique of laying the finest beaten metals onto paper to create a glow. I add the gold to capture the light and energy that connects us all, plants, humans and animals and historically, gold represents preciousness, love and joy, sentiments found in nature and loved ones. A few remaining prints from the extensive range are still available in store at Honest Paper & the Lighthouse Gallery, Newcastle.

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